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Private yoga is a wonderful way to reduce stress and address any personal goals you might have. I’m here to help.

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What is yoga with Nikki Like?


Nikki Calonge is a skilled and thoughtful yoga teacher. Her classes attend to the whole body with smart sequencing, pranayama and moments of stillness. The sequencing is creative and awaken different parts of the body by inviting you to get out of old patterns and be present in each movement. She has a strong awareness of anatomy and cues postures in ways that help you understand the movement or shape better. Nikki often shares an anecdotal story during class, which adds something magical to the whole experience.

Libby Nicholaou, Creator of Setu Yoga Community


As a bodyworker with 18+ years of experience I can say her knowledge, care, and skill in yoga is significant. I have been working with Nikki for nearly two years. She has helped me recover from knee surgery and gotten me back to full activity. I can’t recommend her enough.

Michael Croes, Founder of Crow’s Massage






$150 for 60 minutes + travel.

Designed for those starting out in yoga, practitioners who have specific needs, or anyone who would like to better incorporate a home practice into their busy schedule. Package rates available. Email for more information.



$200 for 60 minutes + travel.

A practice created for community get-togethers, special events, and as a regular gathering. Pricing is the same for up to five practitioners. Package rates available. Email for more information.



Individual and GROUP STRETCH

Outer Reach (map)

The OR Stretch Method is designed to activate your muscles. Our engaged bodywork helps you get a deeper, more effective stretch. The work that you put towards increasing your mobility and flexibility will have the added benefit of sculpting, elongating and toning your muscles as you engage them to stretch. The physical architectures our Stretch Leads guide you through will strengthen your core engagement and encourage muscle to bone connection, deepening your access to your own strength. Book with me here!



12PM-1pM - All Levels, Sky Ting Domino

Sky Ting Domino (map)

Sky Ting’s signature recipe, taught at an open level. We believe that braiding from a diverse pool of influences helps create a stronger offering for physical, emotional, and cultural health and wellbeing. Teachers are encouraged to introduce their individual tricks and techniques to the recipe, so every class is unique!

7PM-8:15PM - All Levels, Jaya East

Jaya East (map)

All Levels: Modifications are available for every level from newer students to more advanced practitioners. All will find a mindful and invigorating challenge. All are welcome.



6:15PM-7:15PM - All Levels, Jaya at Church Ave.

Jaya at Church Ave (map)

All Levels: Modifications are available for every level from newer students to more advanced practitioners. All will find a mindful and invigorating challenge. All are welcome.



7PM-8:15PM - Intermediate, Jaya East

Jaya East (map)

Intermediate: This class is designed as a bridge between the Basic and Open levels. More challenging postures are introduced and explored, including arm balances and inversions. Detailed instruction is provided to further your practice.

"... a bridge from yourself to yourself" - Octavio Paz, Madrigal.